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     Whether you're planning a wedding and reception for
     300 guests at a premiere venue, or an intimate family
     celebration for 50 of your close friends and relatives,
     we want to provide you with, what we believe to be, the
     finest and most professional DJ entertainment in the

There are dozens of DJ services out there to choose from, So what separates us from our competitors?

1.  We know this sounds crazy, but we actually limit the number of
 clients we take on. We have to, because the planning, set-up, and
 performance for every event is unique, and deserves our utmost
 attention and finest effort.

2.  Our DJs' and Emcees' know that success starts with being set
up well before your first guests arrive, and coordination with the
venue, the photographer, and the clients themselves, is essential
to keeping the evenings' festivities flowing smoothly.

3.  Our sound and lighting equipment is without peer.  We provide
elegant and energetic lighting effects that rival the top nightclubs
in the Chicago and Northwest Indiana Region.  We can adapt our
equipment set up, both sound and lights, to operate within a
limited space or large, open area.

4.  Our digital music library is virtually unlimited! Our DJs' will
download those special songs and cut custom CDs for backup.
We still bring a vast CD library with us to each party just to keep in
touch with our roots.  Our equipment also enables our DJs' to play songs or song lists from your smart phone.

5.   We appreciate the trust that our clients have in our ability and
desire to provide them with the "perfect party".  We are fully aware
that they work hard for their money, and consider it a complement
when they hire us to dj their event. We have, and continue to keep
the rates for our service competitive, and in most cases, much
lower than other dj services that charge a lot more, yet offer much
"There are no "do-overs" when it comes to a planned, singular
 event.  Too often, folks lay out their hard-earned money to
 someone who tells them what they want to hear, but don't deliver
 when it counts.  We've all either heard of, or attended an event
 where things didn't go right: Maybe the DJ played music that no
 one liked so a lot of the guests left right after dinner, or the
 emcee    was unprepared and didn't follow protocol when
 introducing guests or making announcements.
 Maybe the DJ service they hired didn't provide lighting as
 promised, sent a substitute DJ who was late in getting set-up and 
 unfamiliar with the program, or the sound equipment was poor or 
 inadequate.  Sure you can go back to the service the day after and complain, and maybe get a partial refund, but that's small
consolation considering the disappointment and letdown felt over
 a special night gone wrong."

We're not just another dj service looking to make a quick buck!  It may be old-fashioned and passe to some, but we still believe that giving our clients more than their moneys' worth, is an investment in our reputation.  We have a passion for what we do, and having a direct hand in creating special memories for our clients is the
 ultimate reward.
             HOW WE ROLL
Planning & Coordination

When you book a date with us, your event becomes paramount to our planning process. You will have direct access to your dj through e-mail, telephone, and scheduled planning sessions.  Through use of these three media, we'll produce an organized timeline for your event.  Once approved by you, we provide a copy to your venue and follow up on the details.
       Professional Approach

Avalanche has built it's reputation on providing a solid program of high quality sound and lighting.  We don't bring "parlor games", nor do we offer opinion or social insight just because we have a microphone.  
Our  experienced djs and emcees will handle all of your introductions, dance programs, and special events
announcements. They'll 
address any coordination 
issues with photographers, caterers, and other support staff during the event, to keep the program running smoothly.


     Top Quality Entertainment

We've invested in top quality equipment because we know how important sound reproduction and lighting effects are for you and your guests. With names like Mackie, QSC, Behringer, Martin, and Omnisystems, we project unrivaled sound and special effects lighting above, around, and onto the dance floor.
  We know that no one out there comes even close to rivaling the great sound & lighting effects that we offer. 

             The Music & The Dance

Through technology, our music library is virtually unlimited, through use of laptop computers and smartphones.  We also bring a substantial collection of CDs with us to ensure that there are no breaks in the music once things get going.   
We always manage to get almost everyone at the party onto the dance floor before the end of the evening by mixing various genres and beats.  The custom party mix that we've downloaded for you is mixed in during the evening, and yes, our djs will take requests from your guests.


 We pride ourselves on working with our clients on cost.  It's a party; a one-of-a-kind event, and we want you and your guests to enjoy yourselves to the utmost. We can provide sound and light equipment to accommodate any size event, so give us a call at (219) 771-2423 and tell us what you have in mind.  You'll find that our prices are extremely reasonable for the service we provide.

The quality of our sound and the spectacular lighting effects ensure that you get more than your moneys'worth, and that's a rarity indeed.  So before you make that final decision on your events' entertainment, give us a call.  You won't be disappointed. It's going to be a special memory for you and those you love; You owe it to yourself to find the best entertainment option.  We sincerely wish you the best in planning your upcoming event, and hope that we can be part of that process.


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